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Oct 11, 2012 3:00pm EDT
with a romney victory, i think it's great on both sides of the table. jim is right. when bernanke's term comes due in january 2014, chances are he's not going to be asked back. however, with lower taxes, you'll have people going out to spend money. that helps earnings. that helps the fundamental argument. stocks are going to do great either way. >> debra, what do you think? >> i would tend to agree that if we have obama staying in that the market will be under pressure next year because now they're not worried so much about re-election. they don't have to worry so much about making friends with everyone, that they can go back to doing what maybe they need to do, which is back off on the fed. if we lose that fed juice, then the market could pull back. but that's next year. i think right now going into the end of the year, i think the market's going to do quite well. >> you're not worried about the fiscal cliff? some people have -- goldman sachs and morgan stanley have specifically looked at the fiscal cliff and said it's decidedly problematic for the fourth quarter and the s&p could fall from h
Oct 10, 2012 3:00pm EDT
you, eamon. so with voters clam moring for both sides to work together, will the partisanship be blocked out? with us now is david callahan and justin safies with the romney campaign. did senator schumer help or hurt the chances of a deal? david, let me start with you. >> i don't know whether he helped or hurt it, but he's making a good point. i mean, the other thing that schumer said was he'll willing to talk about a grand bargain. he's willing to talk about cuts to entitlements, but there has to be more revenue on the table. the democrats are not going to roll over and let, you know, the solution to this budget deficit be that it mainly in cuts that hurt the middle class and not raise taxes on the rich at all. that's just unacceptable. >> justin, where do you suspect the marker will be from the conservative standpoint as we begin negotiations on the fiscal cliff? >> well, i think the marker probably will be on tax cuts and not wanting to -- excuse me, on tax increases and not wanting to raise taxes while we still have unemployment that's still way to high in the united state
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2